Is this a farce?

Help me out here. Is this group actually trying to make good music or are they just making a joke out of electronic music? Tell me what you think! Power Happy by Con Bro Chill – YouTube.

What an amazing guy

This is possibly the coolest guy ever This Is My Home on Vimeo on Vimeo

The future of the HI-FI?

This is some incredible stuff. Put on your headphones and press play. Also, use google to translate the page and check out the end of the second paragraph below the picture: “(I’ll spare you the technical details of the most bombastic)” That might just be the best phrase ever. Holophonic[…] Read More →

A story for tomorrow

This is one of the most beautiful things I think I have ever seen.

Epic rope swing win!

Holy crap this looks like fun!

Household objects turned instruments

This is one thing that very much intrigues me. I love the grin people get on their faces when they are sampling things 🙂 Mr Curly (contra bass clarinet) – YouTube.

The Dark Room – YouTube

Here’s a little game you can play on the YouTubes. I don’t think you can win it though. If you do, please comment and let me know how you did it! The Dark Room – YouTube.

Meet the Scion “Numeric” xB by 686!

I’ve never much been a Scion fan, but this is a really cool concept which was on display at SEMA 2011. Meet the Scion “Numeric” xB by 686! | Official Scion Blog.

Somebody That I Used To Know – Variations on a theme

About a month ago a stumbled upon this video (you’ve probably seen it. I think everybody in the world has by now): I found it rather difficult to stop watching it actually. Then I figured out that it is actually a cover of this song: I can hardly believe how[…] Read More →

How is there an entire website just for this!?

Yes, it is pretty funny, but it deserves it’s own section on cute overload at best! Breaded Cats | Cat Breading | Breading Cats.